Hickory Sticks are the greatest chips of all time

(Originally written May 6, 2013)

hickory_sticks (2)

Maaaaan, I loves me some Hickory Sticks!  I first tasted this salty snack back in junior high, when I realized they were cheaper than your average bag of chips in the vending machine.  Sure, the bag might be smaller, but it’s hardly lacking in hickory-smoked flavour.  People used to pay to watch me eat hickory sticks.  No, really.

Let’s just say that wherever I go, I single-handedly make sure that the nearest grocery store has lotsa Sticks on the shelves.  When I found out that the one next door didn’t stock ’em, I made the three-block trek to stock up on Sunday–hence the three bags in this photo.

OK, so I suppose that with 270 calories, 17 grams of fat and 420(!!!) milligrams of sodium per 50 grams of chip, it’s not the healthiest snack in the world.  But hey, today is International No Diet Day, so I’ll be chowing down without shame–like I do almost every day, for that matter. 😉


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