Tonite, I think I’m gonna go fer a Gopher…

(Originally written December 3, 2011)

So, tonite’s the first of two back-to-back Battles of Alberta on Hockey Night in Canada.  When the Flames and Oilers face off, an entire province stands still.  Hell, I’d even say the same for the CFL.  It’s not known as Labour Day in Calgary, it’s BoA Day.

Anyways, to get a taste of home when I watch the BoA on TV, I like to drink Big Rock beer.  The Calgarian brewery’s fare can be purchased at the Beer Store over here.  My go-to brew is Grasshopper, a golden-yellow wheat beer.  But since the Flames have been struggling this season, I decided to switch it up a bit.  Tonite, I’m going fer a Gopher…


I guess this rodent is a recent addition to the Big Rock repertoire, as I never heard of it when I was living out west.  I first noticed it on the shelves of my local Beer Store a few weeks back, so I thought I’d give ‘er a try.  The box says it’s “A North-American-style all-malt lager.  No additives or adjuncts.  A clean, sunny flavour, easy on the hops.”  Sounds good to me!

Let’s see how many of these I knock back during the game tonite…

UPDATE: It actually looks like Big Rock doesn’t brew Gopher beer anymore. I guess a lager named after a pesky rodent wasn’t a very big seller. That said, I see there’s a new Big Rock brew in town called Rhinestone Cowboy. I reckon I’ll hafta try it–Rhinestone Cowboy is my middle name!


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