Wings + Burritos: The two things I miss most about The Annex

(Originally written April 28, 2013)

It’s nearly impossible to pick between these two fine establishments, both within a rocket-armed QB’s throw from my soon-to-be-former apartment.  For my money’s worth, Puck ‘n Wings has the best buffalo wings north of Buffalo, and when it comes to chicken wings in this city, only the Crown and Dragon comes close.  The place is also always almost-empty on Sunday afternoons, so they have no problem putting the Seahawks game on one of their flatscreen TVs for me.  That said, I only caught a couple Hawks games at the Puck last year, as I was able to watch a lot of them at home.  A winning record gets you a lot more televised broadcasts on Sportsnet–and it seems they even have a handful of prime-time contests this upcoming season.  Let’s Go Hawks!!!!

Speaking of the Seahawks, I’ve developed a post-game ritual that incorporated the Mexican joint around the corner from the Puck, Burrito Bandidos.  See, I’ve made a habit of going for a victory meal after every Hawks win, and ever since the fish ‘n chips joint at Bloor and Albany became a poutinerie, said ritual involves the halibut burrito from Bandidos:

halibut_burrito (2)

Now, I know there’s a burrito joint near my new digs, but I’ve heard they don’t have hali.  And when it comes to wings, St. Louis simply can’t pass the Puck.  Looks like I need a new Sunday ritual–or a healthy supply of subway tokens, anyways. 😦

UPDATE: While I had to make due with some weakass burrito action for too many months (let’s just say that place has since shut down), I am now blessed with a Burrito Boyz within walking distance. For those who don’t know, Burrito Bandidos is basically a Burrito Boyz tribute joint–they’ve got all the same recipes ‘n shit. So while I can have my hali again, there still aren’t any good wing joints ’round here, which really blows, bro!


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