Throwback Thursday: That time everybody lost their shit over lion tacos

(Originally written May 23, 2013)


The Roman Inquisition, the Salem witch trials… lion tacos!?

How do you get from one historical event to the other?  Just ask Tampa Bay eatery Taco Fusion, which uses the two aforementioned persecutions to defend that fact that it serves the latter.  Apparently, some people want their restaurant shut down, which is pretty much on par with being thrown in jail or burned at the stake.  Nope, no exaggeration there.

Then again, as ABC News reports, “[People have been] coming into the establishment and throwing punches,” the restaurant’s manager Brad Barnett told “Good Morning America.” “They say they are going to bomb us, burn us down, blow us up.”  Over lion meat? …  In a taco!?  I dunno guy, but if someone turned that into a rap song and posted it on Facebook, I’m pretty sure he’d be charged with Communicating a Terrorist Threat.  Can’t they just call the cops?

Instead, it looks like they’d rather call out the haters on their blog.  It would also appear that there are some allegedly shady dealings at the alleged Big Cat Rescue down in Tampa, allegedly.  (Although, truth be told, I couldn’t be arsed to read through their blog post, which has since been taken down.)  In any case, the lions on the menu are being raised on a farm to be fed to humans–for a change–so I don’t see what’s wrong about that.

Waitaminnit, it says here these things cost 35 bucks.  Not for a trio, not for a platter, but for one taco.  You know you could get 105 tacos at Del Taco for that price, right?  (Albeit only on Tuesdays…)

UPDATE: Taco Fusion closed its doors in October 2013. Lions 1, Tacos 0.


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