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Food Truck Feeding Frenzy Friday: How to say good eats in Slovenian

(Originally written January 15, 2014)

Waiting outside was a harsher ideal as temperatures dropped below zero today.  (My left foot is still frozen as I type this.)  But when the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow is a hearty schnitzel sandwich, I don’t mind braving the elements for 25 minutes.

dobro_jesti (3)

Dobro Jesti mostly serves schnitzel, of the chicken or pork variety, though there are a few different topping options to chosse from.  This version seen above came with crisp lettuce, some tangy bits of pickle and not nearly enough bacon jam atop double stacked pork between two piece of rye bread.  Let me just say that the bread was perfect, nice freshness with a great chew.  The kind you’d find on an ideal smoked-meat sandwich…but hey, it works as a vessel for pork schnitzel as well.