Daily Archives: February 9, 2016

These whitefish doughnuts make America great again!

America has been getting a bad rap lately. The Globe and Mail said “The food is amazing – but you shouldn’t eat here, ever.” Toronto Life said “the food is inflated to the extreme, both in size and price” while DineSafe added “Operator fail to ensure food is not contaminated/adulterated.” OK, I’m pretty sure they were just nitpicking on that one. But most Torontonians I know say they’d never give their money to Donald Trump, to which I say “Atlantic City, baby!”

Or Adelaide St W, as the case may be. Located at the top of the Toronto Trump Tower, this funky joint greets you with portraits of all the celebrities who ate there before they boycotted the place. But man, you’d hafta build a wall to keep me away! I’ve got two words for you: Whitefish. Doughuts.


These flaky fish Timbits were lightly fried for a nice crunch and came swimming in a sea of tangy beet juice. My only complaint was that there’s only three to an order—I could eat about 30! But hey, that was only the first course…

meat_loaf (1)

Holy Bacon-Wrapped Meat Loaf, Batman! This yuge slab of beef/bacon paired up with some German-style cabbage for the perfect bite. I dunno guy, but I could eat this off the tailpipe of a ’67 Camaro and still have room for dessert!

cheddar_whiz (2)

They call this dish “Jasper Hill Cheddar Whiz.” It’s kinda like Cheez Whiz gone mousse. My only complaint was with the nutty cracker things. I coulda used some nachos, bro!


God Bless America Restaurant, and no place else!