I survived the Heart Attack Grill!

(Originally written March 16, 2013)

What visit to Las Vegas would be complete without a visit to the gut-busting grill whose spokesmen are dropping left, right and centre?  Located on Fremont Street in the, erm, heart of downtown, this place draws its share of curious tourists.  I made sure to grab a seat within sight of the entrance, so I could scoff at the folks who came in, saw the size of the burgers on the menu, and ran away crying, with their tails between their legs.  Of course, I didn’t just come for the people watching.  I was determined to finish one of these artery-busting burgers, even if it killed me!


What, that doesn’t look like a big burger to you?  OK fine, how about a close-up?


Aren’t you glad you didn’t order a double?  Well, yes I am, actually.  I did get mine with bacon, though.  I must say that I initially thought five strips of bacon was a lot, but on this massive burger, they get sucked into the chili-cheese vortex, and practically disappear from the palette.  And here’s the bad news.  Although the Grill serves up great big burgers, they really aren’t great burgers.  The meat was pretty bland with an unappealing texture.  And while the red onions added a bit of sharpness, especially if you bit right into one, the overall taste was dominated by the chili, which was average at best.  If you’re not a fan of the chili cheeseburger, I’d definitely advise you to stay away.

On the other hand, the fries are fairly tasty.  Thick cut, skin on, like you’d get at a good chip shop.  Curiously enough, they look nothing like the Flatliner Fries on the menu.  Does that mean mine weren’t covered in lard?

But don’t think you can order a burger without chili, either.  These guys really stick to their guns.  I saw a family of three walk in, with a boy about seven or eight, and when he didn’t wanna put on the hospital gown (yeah, they make you wear those), the hostess sent them on their way after a word with the owner.  There’s also no sharing allowed, unless you order a Single Bypass.  Hey, you don’t need help digging your own grave, right?  (Erm, wait…)

And here’s the pièce de résistance: Their receipts blame Obama for the Nevada Sales Tax.  Well, that’s what I thought initially, but it occurred to me that it’s actually a subtle dig at Obamacare.  After all, they list your subtotal as “Medical Services.”

heart_attack_receipt(Because you’re gonna wish you had socialized medicine after you eat here!!!)

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I saw two big boys tip the scales at more than 350, which means that their Bypasses were on the house.  (This was before noon, mind you.  I’m sure there were plenty more throughout the day.)  Try getting that deal at an American hospital!


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