Food Truck Feeding Frenzy Friday: Tastes like winning the taco lottery!

(Originally written May 5, 2014)

Back in December, food trucks started showing up at the foot of Bay Street…and then the weather went cold, and I didn’t feel much like venturing out of the office. Now that we’re under more reasonable climes, it’s time for the return of my street-food reviews, starting with this Cinco de Mayo special:


Hey, if you’re running a mobile nourishment unit, you’re pretty much in the business of getting food out fast. In that regard, tacos are always a quick pick. In fact, that’s all they serve at the Loteria food truck, with choices consisting of carnitas and chicken. The former offers succulent, juicy pork, while the latter, though somewhat saucy, was still notably mild. But what really makes it is the considerable meat-to-vegetable ratio, using diced onions and cilantro as little more than a garnish. You might not find this much carne in a taco twice this size…

That being said, I could probably pound a dozen of these—if I wanted to spend 40 bucks on tacos (3 for $10).

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