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Where to get Ozzy Osbourne wasted in Hamilton

(Originally written April 3, 2014)

Black Sabbath isn’t playing Toronto until August, but they are hitting the Hammer tonight. OK, so it’s only about 45 minutes west on the QEW. And hey, Hamilton’s not a bad place to be. Once you get off the GO Bus, you’re about a block away from several fine drinking establishments in the Augusta British Pub District.

Augusta Street in Hamilton is a little like Augusta Ave in Toronto…if you replaced all the produce shops and discount stands with pubs, pubs…a few houses, and more pubs.  Let’s just say if you stopped at every one of these places in one night, you might not wake up the next morning.  Some of the most well-known haunts include:

I’ve only been to a couple of these places before, but I’m pretty sure I know which direction I’m headed in once I get off the bus!