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Momofuku needs to bring back bacon-flavoured chicken wings!

OK, first, let me take you back to the first time I ate there…

(Originally written November 17, 2012)

Two things crossed off my “to do” list today: eat at Momofuku on University Ave and see Skyfall, the new James Bond flick.  I’d attempted the former on its opening weekend a couple months back–but at the time, the wait was so long that it would be almost dinnertime once I’d secured a table to eat lunch.  Though it’s been several weeks since then, I made sure to get there a couple minutes before they opened this time, just to be safe.  As it turns out, there were really only a handful of people waiting at 11:30, and even by noon, there were plenty of spaces available–as long as you didn’t mind sitting at a high, wooden counter.  I ended up on one of said wooden seats, which gave me a great view of what was going on in the kitchen (although there wasn’t much happening when I took this shot).

momofuku (1)

They say Momofuku’s pork buns are to die for, and they’re not kidding.  The juicy, succulent pork belly comes enveloped in a soft, doughy shell, with sliced cucumber adding a little extra flavour.  These things literally fly off the shelves–even at $10 for two!

momofuku (2)

Now you might be wondering, what kinda overweight, brain-dead Alberta redneck goes to a classy Asian restaurant and orders chicken wings?  This guy!  And I gotta say, Momofuku’s smoked chicken wings are darn-tootin’ delicious!  Topped with scallions and seasoned in a light oyster sauce, they’ve got the most amazing flavour–basically, they taste like bacon!  No really, I had to check under the skin to make sure they weren’t hiding bacon bits in there somewhere, but I couldn’t see any.  I suppose that the act of smoking the chicken (next to the pork belly, perhaps?) gives them that distinctive taste that just blew me away.  Because if there’s one thing better than chicken wings, it’s bacon-flavoured chicken wings.  Now, if they could only incorporate beer into the recipe somehow, I’d take up residence at the Shangri-La so I could eat there every day!  (Alas, I can’t quite afford a private residence there, so it’s probably to my benefit that the wings aren’t beerified…)

momofuku (3)

Looks amazing, right? But here’s the problem. These wings aren’t on the menu anymore, and they haven’t been in some time. You can get hot ‘n honey wings, but only at dinnertime. I’m sure those are good ‘n all, but they probably don’t taste like bacon. Unless they do taste like hot ‘n honey flavoured bacon, in which case…I should probably go there for dinner some time.