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Pizza History Week: The cheese price crash of 2013

(Originally written May 3, 2013)

We might not be able to watch it being made on a webcam, but Canadians could soon be paying less for pizza, as early as next month.  The CBC is reporting that “A ruling made this week by the Canadian Dairy Commission could soon allow Canadian restaurants to buy deeply discounted mozzarella cheese.”  And since mozza is the main ingredient in pizza, that’s amore to my ears!

Acknowledging that pizza is part of the five essential food groups (along with chicken wings, nachos, steak and beer), the CDC has given mozzarella its own special category, dropping protectionist practices that drove its prices through the roof.  According to the CBC, “The new class, to take effect June 1, is expected to result in lower costs for Canadian-made mozzarella for restaurants that prepare and cook pizzas on site.”  Mamma Mia!

Bob Abumeeiz, who owns a pizzeria in Windsor, is almost as happy about this as I am.  “I’ve been in this business 17 years, and this is the first time cheese has ever gone down,” he told the CBC. “It’s unheard of.”  Kinda like low gas prices, right?  As another pizzaranteur told the national network,  “This is like gas going down to 80 cents a litre. It’s better for everyone.”  (Mind you, I don’t drive, but I take it that’s a good price?)

Let’s just said I’ve got June 1st circled on my calendar.  I’m already psyching myself up for a pizza-eating contest…against myself.