Daily Archives: March 5, 2016

Top 5 Food Cities: 5. Ottawa

Don’t get me wrong bro, I’ve had some awful food in Ottawa. There was this shitty $20 steak sandwich at Canadian Tire Centre that was so pukealicious I wanted to go back to the kitchen and slap the cook for making it, then go up to the luxury box and slap the owner for charging 20 bucks for it. But if I’d done that, Ida probably missed the first period, so…

While so much of the chow in Canada’s capital is completely craptacular, that only makes the hidden gems taste even better when you find ‘em. Whether it’s a real-deal Alberta beef burger on Elgin Street, off-the-hook fish ‘n chips in a strip mall, or TheBomb.ca lobster poutine in Kanata, there is some great grub if you know where to look. They even have a Real Sports Bar!


I may not be a Liberal-Conservative, but I would vote for the Sir John A Pub’s prime rib burger any day!


After seeing the Stamps stomp the shit outta the REDBLACKS a couple years back, I settled in for a killer roast-beef Sunday dinner at The Lieutenant’s Pump. All this food for $14.95, dude!


Before getting on the bus to an AC/DC concert at TD Place, I stopped by this funky German beer hall in Kanata, where I had probably the greatest lobster poutine of all time. This dish shook me all night long!

Come back tomorrow to find out who’s number four…