Top 5 Food Cities: 4. New York City

For me, NYC is all about the burgers, baby! 5 Napkins, 67 Burger, Smith & Wollensky’s…this city has some Bomb.Com beef, bro. Sure, you can get other fancy food, like a $25 fried chicken in Brooklyn, a $20 pastrami sammy at the Carnegie Deli, or a $15 shrimp po’ boy at Bubba Gump’s (only 1020 calories!), but when I’m here, I’m eating burgers, son. Unless of course I’m eating at Guy Fieri’s funky joint in Times Square!


Hell’s Kitchen used to be pretty dangerous, but now, the only thing you gotta worry about is whether you can get a table at 5 Napkin Burger!


67 Burger lets you pick between beef, turkey, chicken, veggie and tofu patties. But really, why would you choose anything but beef, bro?


Dude, the Wollensky burger at Smith & Wollensky is big enough to feed a whole team of Dash Riprocks!


Believe it or not, I actually ate this for breakfast…

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