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Top 5 Food Cities: 4. Las Vegas

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Like they say, what happens in Vegas makes you 20 pounds heavier. You can pretty much find every kind of food you can imagine, not to mention some of the best buffets in the known universe. I once ate so much I almost pulled a George Brett on the monorail. I mean, uh, I almost saw some other guy pull a George Brett on the monorail…

Anyhoo, when I hit up Sin City, I drop so much on food that I don’t have enough money left to gamble, bro! Whether it’s German schnitzel, fish tacos, Irish nachos or Bud Light Limearita in a mason jar, I don’t go home hungry, that’s for sure. I even survived the Heart Attack Grill!


This German beerhall used to be right across the street from the KISS mini golf course—until KISS moved it to the Rio.


But who needs KISS when you’ve got chicken schnitzel, bro!?


When I’m in Vegas, I like to start my day off right—with a deep-fried ham ‘n egg French toast sandwich.


Where else are you gonna get a real-deal Rueben at a country bar in a casino, bro?


If you can believe it, this is the small order of Irish nachos. The XL could probably feed a whole hurling team!