Daily Archives: March 17, 2016

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Winner, winner, cheesesteak nachos dinner!

Yesterday, I created some Quebecixcan cuisine, now it’s time for some Philamexican. When the national dish of Philadelphia meets the corn chips from south of the border, this is what I like to call the Horacio Llamas Nachos:

cheesesteak_nachos (3)

So, what we’ve got here is some super-tender steak, sauteed peppers and onions, and an added layer of grilled cheese on top of nachos. I dunno guy, but I’m pretty sure this dish just gave Eric Lindros a concussion!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Mack Daddy mac ‘n cheese nachos

What better way to ring in March Madness than with mac ‘n cheese…on top of nachos?

mac_n_cheese_nachos (1)

OK bro, so I took some Stouffer’s frozen mac ‘n cheese, heated it in the microwave for five minutes, put it on top of chips, covered it with shredded cheese, and threw some jalapenos on top. This dish was cheesier than Halloween III, dude!

You got a ton of cheese, some nice texture from the noodles, and a little kick from the hot peppers. The chips were almost falling apart under all this weight–kinda like Kansas in the tourney!

(Wait, I probably shouldn’t say that–I’ve got them in my Final Four.)