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NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: These chicken shawarma nachos are the best of both worlds

Now, I might be whiter than Vanilla Ice, but I loves me some shawarma. I’ve had some killer shawarma all over this city, but you know what I haven’t had before? Chicken shawarma on top of nachos:

chicken_shawarma_nachos (1)

This meal was super filling, dude! Huge chunks of seasoned chicken, some pickles, peppers, onions and beets. I almost didn’t need the nacho chips…but then I would’ve failed in my life’s mission. Served up with a side of tabbouleh sour cream for an extra kick:

tabbouleh_sour_cream (1)

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: What happens when you combine three amazing things?

OK, so it goes without saying, everything’s better with bacon, and Hickory Sticks are pretty much the greatest chips of all time. So what happens when you combine these two things with nachos to make an even more amazing thing?

hickory_bacon_nachos (3)

This happens. You’ve got a buncha smoky flavour from the Sticks, a nice chew from the bacon, and a hint of lime from the Tostitos Hint of Lime chips. This is basically a smoky baked potato, served on top of nachos, with a little sour cream on the side. Cuz you can’t beat the bacon and sour cream tag team, bro. Just give ’em the belt right now!

hickory_bacon_nachos (6)

This is pretty much the perfect bite, right here.