Daily Archives: March 19, 2016

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Bacon cheeseburger nachos might be the best thing ever

Where’s the beef, you ask? Well, how about some beef, bacon, onions and barbecue sauce on top of cheese and chips?

bacon_cheeseburger_nachos (2)

Beef is nicely seasoned (I bought some pre-made meatballs at Longo’s), bacon adds a nice chew. You’ve got a good crunch from the onions and the chips, but the cheese is what makes it. If I had a staring contest with this dish for a pint of Shock Top, these nachos would totally win!

NOTHING BUT NACHOS WEEK: Soon to be a southern staple?

The last time I was in Austin, Texas, I had chicken ‘n waffles for brunch and nachos for breakfast. (They call ’em migas over there.) What could be better than that? How about fried chicken ‘n nachos for brunchfast:

chicken_n_nachos (3)

So, you’ve got a nice, crispy coating on the chicken–Popeye’s knows what’s up–with a nice kick from the hot sauce. The jalapenos and green peppers add flavour to the chips and cheese, with a little white onion for good measure. Man, if I had this for lunch every day, I’d be, like, 500 pounds…but it would be worth it!