Where Wall Street would eat in Toronto

(Originally written January 25, 2014)

Yeah, so it’s taken me about a month to see The Wolf of Wall Street.  Hey, so maybe I watched American Hustle and Anchorman 2 over Christmas instead.  In any case, I had already read the books–both of them–but I still wanted to see the new Martin Scorsese flick when it was in theatres.  Hey, that guy could direct a movie about two dogs fucking, and I’d probably still pay to watch it.  OK, that does not sound right at all…

But first I had to ask myself, if Jordan Belfort was in Toronto, where would he go for lunch?  Probably Canoe or Scaramouche, maybe Harbour Sixty.  But since none of those places are close to movie theatres, I instead opted for somewhere with a bit of a Wall Street film connection.  As a matter of fact, the Smith & Wollensky scene in American Psycho was shot at The Senator, a small diner just off of Dundas Street.  I have actually been to the real Smith & Wollensky in New York, and it’s certainly a lot larger than its on-screen counterpart.  That said, The Senator serves a decent blue-cheese burger, too:


Did I mention this place was tiny?  There were already people lined up at 11:15, and by noon, the line stretched around the corner.  I dunno guy, but it might actually be easier to get a table at Dorsia.  I bet Jordan Belfort could get us in…

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