Daily Archives: April 8, 2016

So, I tried French’s ketchup for the first time…

In case you live up in Iqualuit or something, French’s has unofficially become the official ketchup of Canada in the past couple weeks, even though they actually make it in the States (for now, anyways). But hey, the tomatoes are homegrown, and that’s good enough for the guy who got the internet to like it on Facebook. Nowadays, not only can you find French’s at Maple Leaf Loblaws, but they’ve even got it on the boards at the Leafs game!

They still don’t sell it at Longo’s, though, so I had to go to Metro to get my hands on this ruby nectar of gods…

Frenchs_ketchup (1)

Now, since I still had literally a pound of leftover French fries from that time I ate a 67 oz steak, I figured I would spice ‘em up with some Leamington Love. Because hey, three-day-old soggy fries are pretty nasty, anyways. I also chucked a chicken breast on top:


And y’know what, this French’s is pretty sweet. I mean, it’s got a little more of a tangy taste than that competitor of theirs, along with a bit of a kick. If Heinz is the baseline when it comes to ketchup, then it’s safe to say that French’s is off the charts!