I almost destroyed this chicken souvlaki pizza

Sometimes, frozen food can give you bad directions. Like, I bought this box of chicken wings that says to cook ‘em for 60 minutes. Dude, who’s gonna wait that long for wings!? Another case in point: President’s Choice Chicken Souvlaki Thin Crust Pizza.

souvlaki_pizza (2)

Now, it says on the back of the box to cook on the lower oven rack (they even bolded this) at 450 for 11-13 minutes. That’s pretty hot, bro! And while I set the timer for 12, I could smell the burn as I got closer. This pizza came out extra crispy:

souvlaki_pizza (6)

But even still, this is elevated frozen food. The chicken is nicely seasoned, really tastes like souvlaki, and the peppers added a nice kick. Little light on onions and tomatoes, but those olives were on point—great burst of flavour in my mouth. I would probably eat this again, only next time, I might put ‘er on the middle rack instead…

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