McDonald’s has finally found a suitable successor to the Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Man, even when I was a kid I wasn’t a huge Big Mac fan. I grew up on Chicken McNuggets, before I discovered the since discontinued Crispy Chicken Sandwich. That burger was, bro! You had breaded chicken, a whole buncha mayo, lettuce and tomato on a bakery bun. Dude, this is body by Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

But now they don’t make ‘em anymore. Every once in a while though, McDonald’s rolls out a premium chicken product for a limited time offer. I thought the CBO was only OK, but this new sandwich, the 12, is a 10 in my books, bro!

mcdonalds_12 (7)

OK, let’s break it down. You start with a crispy chicken breast (you could get it grilled, but why bother, bro?) and add a tasty slice of Swiss cheese. Glop on some “Applewood seasoned sauce,” which is like tangy mayo with a kick, and toss some lettuce and tomato between a double-seeded bun. That’s right, this one’s got both poppy and sesame seeds, son! This deluxe chicken sandwich is about to make a merger with my piehole!

mcdonalds_12 (5)

Can you say Merger, Merger, Chicken Burger?

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