Daily Archives: May 4, 2016

I survived The Keg’s sesame tuna (582 calories, 3,928 mg sodium)

Now, compared to some of the meals I ate this week, The Keg’s sesame tuna is more like a light snack, with only 582 calories. But this dish more than makes up for it in sodium. Health Canada says we should only eat 1,500 mg of sodium a day, so I got almost three times my daily dose in just one meal, bro!

keg_sesame_tuna (3)

Damn dude, who knew so much sodium could be so tasty—this dish is sodium-licious! You’ve got a lightly seared, pink, succulent tuna, a nice kick from the green onion, and a tangy, crunchy slaw. This time, I could totally taste the salt in the slaw—but hey, everything tastes better with salt, right?

And while this dish is pretty pricey, at 27 dollars, you get 145.48 mg of sodium for every dollar spent. That sounds like a salty sweet deal to me, son!