Daily Archives: May 11, 2016

Jimmy’s lamb dinner is my go-to Greek comfort food!

So, I was super-stoked when the Urban Eatery opened back in the day. You’ve got like, 27 different places to chow down, son! But my number one has gotta be Jimmy the Greek, and it’s all because of this roast lamb dinner:

greek_lamb_dinner (1)

Dude, I love lamb! It’s super-tender, falls off the bone, with a great chewy texture and some nice flavour from the Greek spices. But I would be remiss not to mention all you get with this dish—it’s a whole lotta food for $10.99!

greek_lamb_dinner (3)

So, you’ve got a yuuuge Greek salad, with onions, tomatoes and olives, a fistful of feta and a super-creamy dressing. Some yellow rice with peas and carrots, a whole buncha potaters, with a little tzatziki and hot sauce for that extra kick. Bro, my breath is gonna smell terrible for the next little bit, but I’m gonna be in a great mood all day, cuz I’ll be lambing my troubles away with this lamb chop!