This Nashville-style sandwich is hotter than Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean combined!

So, we’re hanging out at Let’s Be Frank, this funky little dive bar right next to the El Mocambo. I first was here in February for Poutine Week, where their bacon blues poutine wasn’t quite a winner, winner, poutine dinner. But I said I’d be back, and I came to check out this honky-tonk hero of a sandwich, the Nashville Hot Chicken:

nashville_hot_chicken (2)

Now, here’s the deal. This dish comes with three levels of heat: Flocking Good, Bad Ass Bird and What the Cluck!!!??? (Not even making this up, bro!) I was in the mood for some badass bird, but the server talked me down to Flocking Good—and I’m awfully glad she did!

Even at its lowest level, the heat hits you right away. It’s not overpowering at first, but it’s got a wicked aftertaste; a nice, slow burn. Kinda makes you wanna shotgun some of the crazy craft beers they’ve got in the cooler—which couldn’t hurt their bar sales. That’s smart marketing, homeslice!

But man, these dudes are super legit. They even went down to the Music City to try a buncha different places before perfecting their recipe. It turns out that the Flocking Good doesn’t contain ghost pepper, which is probably why I’m still standing, son!


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