This fried chicken ‘n poutine burrito is two great things…wrapped in another great thing

So, last week, when I was at Evviva eating fried chicken ‘n waffles, I said to myself, “Man, this would be even more righteous if we put poutine on top!” Well, we couldn’t fit any waffles inside a tortilla, but at Smoke’s Burritorie, they’re serving up the next best thing—fried chicken ‘n poutine burritos, bro!

Now, this funky joint on Adelaide Street used to be a Burrito Boyz—until they pulled a Superman and moved three doors down. So Smoke’s Poutinerie, which was right upstairs, figured hey, why don’t we open a burrito joint right below? And that’s how this crazy concoction came into being:

poutine_burrito (4)

OK, let’s break it down. They don’t actually use fries here, but a mix of mashed potatoes and hash browns, which are super rich in flavour. The chicken is KFC crispy, and they add a whole buncha curds ‘n gravy before sticking this in a burrito press until it’s nice and warm. At first, I thought this burrito might be too small for me, but it actually filled me up at lunchtime. Instead of eating six sausages for dinner, I only had five!


(This was just Round One, son!)

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