I can’t get my favourite pizza slice on Yonge St anymore

So, I was super sad when I heard they shut down The Big Slice a couple weeks back. That used to be the place to go for a booze-soaked meatball sandwich at 3 am—but not anymore, bro. And their slices were fricken ginormous! But now, they’re tearing the place down to put up yet another new condo on Yonge St. I can only hope that with all these new buildings, at least one of them will have a real-deal BBQ joint on the ground floor.

But my favourite slice on Yonge St actually wasn’t at that place. I always used to go to Amato Pizza, about half a block away. Actually, I started going to the one on Queen St, which was almost right next to the Bovine Sex Club (which is not a club to fuck cows, BTW) several years back. I’d always pop in there for a slice of spicy sausage pie before a gig next door—but it got turned into a hair salon many years back. They’ve also got one on College St, where I’d load up after a show at the Rancho Relaxo, but that Mexican dive bar doesn’t even exist anymore (although they’ve still got a food truck).

So basically, the one at Yonge and Gerrard was the last Amato’s within stumbling distance—and for a while there, when I lived around the corner, I practically lived off the très spicy pizza. This slice had everything: spicy sausage, hot peppers, rapini (whatever that is) on a thin, crispy crust. I can still taste it when I close my eyes, bro. But the thing is, I stopped by there today…and they don’t make it anymore. This makes me a clinically depressed kung fu panda, dude!

amato_pizza (2)

At least they’ve still got a killer Canadian. This pizza’s extra crispy, with pepperoni, mushrooms and great big pieces of bacon. None of that bacon-bit bullshit, bro. I used to get an XL hand-delivered to my place back in the day, but hey, I’ll settle for a slice so big they cut it in three, for just five bucks.


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