This McDonald’s burger smells like Quebec sovereignty

So, McDonald’s is doing this thing where they have burgers inspired by flavours from all over this country. And wouldn’t you know it, just in time for Canada Day, it’s the Quebec Delectable Bacon & Cheeseburger. The irony is delicious:

quebec_burger (2)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got your standard, paper-thin McDonald’s beef patty, with a fresh sheet of lettuce. And then you’ve got all kindsa cheese. I’m not sure what kind of cheese it is, but apparently, it’s from Quebec. Throw in some bacon bits, and a tangy orange sauce of some sort, and you’ve got a better-than-average McDonald’s burger. And it’s only here for a limited time…until the PQ get their act together!!!

quebec_burger (4)

Vive le McDo libre!

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