Daily Archives: July 3, 2016

This Guy Fieri lookalike is serving up some righteous roadkill in rural Alberta!

Now, when I first saw this story on the CBC, I was like, dude, this guy must be my brother from another mother. We even go to the same barber, although I’ve got the slightly better haircut. Those are some wicked awesome tattoos, bro!

But anyways, this outta-bounds broseph in Czar, Alberta—a town named after King Ralph, I’m guessing—is serving some of the most funkalicious meats you’ll ever meet on your plate. Man, this place has everything…rattlesnake, kangaroo, Alberta yak—what, you’ve never had Alberta yak, bro? I hear they serve it at Earl’s!


And it’s not like they’re making a camel omelet or serving up shark soufflé—they’re putting all this stuff in burgers! Except for the turtle soup, apparently. But hey, that’s not weird at all…it’s actually a Cajun classic. Just ask Emeril!


Now, getting back to the Fireside Grill, they say they’ve had people drive from as far away as Red Deer, but they ain’t seen nothin’ yet, cuz I think I’m about to make this my next Flavourtown Roadtrip! I’ll hafta make sure to stop at the KFC in Weyburn, Saskatchewan along the way…

I just hope when I pull up in the Camaro that they’re not outta shark meat. I’ve always wanted to eat a shark sandwich!!!