Daily Archives: July 7, 2016

FRONT STREET FOODS: This chicken sandwich is fricken HUGE!

Now, I loves me a good fried chicken sandwich. But normally, I gotta have some fries, maybe a little coleslaw on the side…just not when it comes to Brock Sandwich. This real-deal sandwich joint in The Junction just malfunctioned what a chicken sandwich is supposed to be. It’s like Honey, I Blew Up the Kid—if the kid was a chicken sandwich:

brock_chicken_sandwich (4)

Now, I don’t normally cut my burgers in half, cuz I’ve got bigger hands than Guy Fieri, but with this super-sized sammy, they actually cut it for you—which is probably a good idea. You’ve got a round mound of super-crunchy chicken, a nice, sweet carrot/cabbage slaw, some crispy onions and a piri piri sauce that’s more sweet, less spicy. Man, I think I could only eat three of these…and I might not even have room for dessert!