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FRONT STREET FOODS: Korean fried chicken is even crunchier than KFC!

OK, so check it out. Over the weekend, they pulled a big switcharoonie over at Front Street Foods, and brought in a whole buncha new stalls, including this real-deal, cruncharrifc, gluten-free KFC. No, this ain’t chicken fried in Kentucky, bro—it’s straight outta Korea!

korean_fried_chicken (3)

So, what’s Korean fried chicken, you ask? Well, instead of flour, they use starch, for that extra crispness. Then, they top it with this wicked awesome chili sauce that’s not too sweet, not too spicy. And the crunch doesn’t end there—this dish also comes with crinkle-cut chips, and American-style coleslaw…cuz eating kimchi with fried chicken would be a little weird.

korean_fried_chicken (4)

All this and a can of Coke for just 12 bucks, bro!