FRONT STREET FOODS: There’s something hokey about this salmon poke

OK, so check it out bro. I’ve always wanted to try poke, the classic Hawaiian fish salad, ever since that episode of Triple D where Guy’s hanging out at Fresh Catch in Oahu with his brother from another mother Reno Henriques. But Toronto’s a long way from Hawaii, dude. It’s not like I can just hop on my longboard and catch the next wave or something…

That’s why I was super-stoked to find Fish’D, a real-deal seafood joint serving up sushi burritos and poke so fresh, you’ll wanna take a nude selfie with it (link NSFW). You gotta catch all of this, son:

spicy_salmon_poke (3)

OK, let’s break it down. You’ve got kind of a pico de gallo effect with the zesty tomato and onion, a bit of avocado for creaminess, and some freshness from the parsley. But the spicy salmon is the star of this show, bro. It’s not too hot, but it’s got a nice tang. Oh, and they put it all on top of a whole buncha rice. They asked me if I wanted quinoa instead, but c’mon man! I wish they could serve it up on top of duck fat fries or something…

Here’s a bit of a bummer, though. This dish’ll set ya back almost 16 bucks after tax, and that’s without a drink. And it’s not like it’s super-filling, either—I’m pretty sure I could eat six of these. Maybe next time, I’ll go for the sushi burrito instead.

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