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FRONT STREET FOODS: This pulled pork is straight outta Sigsig!

It’s my last day at Front Street Foods, and we’re saving the best for last. Today, we’re going way outta bounds to try some cuisine that you don’t see every day. No, I’m not talking Croatian, Uzbekistani, or even East Timorian—but Ecuadorian food. That’s right, the country that’s keeping my brother from another mother Julian Assange holed up in its embassy… This is La Fiesta Catering!

Now, this funky little open-air kitchen is serving up some serious fusion food, like on-point paella, kickin’ chicken kebobs and plantains covered in cheese. You’ve got your empanadas, your hornados, and this piece of pulled pork perfection, right here:

pulled_pork (3)

OK, let’s break it down. The pork is super-succulent, smooth as Chris Stapleton; you’ve got a nice kick from the onions, a tangy dressing on the salad, and a heavy helping of yellow rice. And then we get to the llapingacho. This potato patty is no laughing matter, bro—they mash up some Yukon golds and grill ‘em up golden brown on both sides. It’s like Mashed Potatoes Gone Wild, a real fiesta in mi boca!

And, believe it or not, but this delicious dish will only set you back 760 centavos, son! That would be 10 bucks Canadian, but hey, they actually use U.S. dollars in Ecuador, in case you’ve got any greenbacks at home…