Daily Archives: July 31, 2016

Y’all can kiss my shrimp and grits!

So, we’re hanging out at Electric Mud, this funky BBQ joint in Parkdale. Man, this place has everything—pork rinds, buffalo cauliflower, crack bread… What’s crack bread, you say? Well, it’s when you go over to Rob Ford’s house, and… OH WAIT, TOO SOON!!!???

crack_bread (4)

Anyhoo, these buns were super fluffy and tasty, and the smoked butter really kicked it up a notch! But of course, that was only an amuse-bouche, cuz we’re coming in hot with a southern brunch classic. Man, I haven’t had grits since that one time on spring break in South Carolina, when we stumbled into Waffle House at 3 am after doing tequila shots with Luke Bryan at the NASCAR Racing Experience… Now, THAT was my kinda night, son!

shrimp_n_grits (3)

Hey, these might not be country-girl grits, but they were still shakin’. Nice creaminess, kind of a risotto-y texture to ‘em. And the shrimp was outta bounds. Hot ‘n juicy, with a nice kick from that red-eyed gravy… I could probably eat three of these, with another round of crack bread for dessert!