Daily Archives: August 20, 2016

This CNE mega sandwich is like three Italian sandwiches piled on top of each other!

So, we’re hanging out at the Food Building at the CNE. Man, this place has everything: deep-fried meat loaf, pulled pork cinnamon rolls, cricket-protein bug dogs… I could probably just pitch a tent outside and sleep here for two weeks—and with all these funky fresh eats, I’d spend a lotta time sleeping, too!

Now, if there’s one thing I miss about The Big Slice, it’s the real-deal Italian sammies. Most people would go there for a ginormous slice of pizza at 4 in the morning, but I usually stuck to the sandwich. Of course, The Big Slice is no more, but now they’ve got a San Francesco sandwich shop a couple blocks away. And at the CNE, they’re serving up this massive meat creation that will make you hunch extra low and unhinge your jaw just to chow down… Check out this melody:

cne_mega_sandwich (3)

So, what you’ve got here is breaded veal piled on top of crispy eggplant piled on top of crispy chicken, all straight from the fryer. You’ve got tomato sauce on both buns, some pesto mayo, provolone cheese, and French fries on the bottom. Oh, and they chuck a meatball on top, just because. Dude, this thing is so massive, I had to carry it under my arm like a football. I even stiff-armed Andre Durie on my way back to my table—which is weird, cuz I’m pretty sure he’s a slotback…

cne_beetlejuice (3)

I washed down this mega manwich with a nice, fresh glass of Beetlejuice from the Bug Bistro. This tasty smoothie mixes mealworms, mango and buttermilk for a rich, fruity taste and sprinkles some cocoa and cinnamon on top. I haven’t enjoyed dining on insects this much since I was going to the garden to eat worms with Alice Cooper back in the day, bro!

cne_philly_steaklair (1)

Of course, you know me. After eating three sandwiches in one, I’ve still got room for dessert, son! So I scarfed down this tasty culinary creation from Philthy Philly’s: the philly steaklair. You’d think this would be nastier than a Scott Stevens elbow to Eric Lindros’ noggin, but actually, it’s magically delicious. You’ve got the fresh-glazed pastry, with melty chocolate on one side, a whole buncha whipped cream going all over the place…and then, right in the middle, a nice steaky centre. These two things totally shouldn’t work together, but they definitely do. Kinda like Lou Reed jamming with Metallica…or maybe not.