Do they know it’s Burger Week at all!?

Starting tomorrow, and for the next seven days, it’s officially Le Burger Week, which is a pretty big deal in Montreal—they’ve got all kinds of funky joints serving up specialty burgers for one week only. Ditto Quebec City, where they’ve covered the map in burgers, bro!

But here in Toronto, Le Burger Week isn’t really Le Big Deal. We’ve only got 15 local establishments taking part, and about half of them are Hero Burgers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that—some of those Hero hamburgers look legit! But considering that The Big Smoke is so much bigger than these other cities, I find this lack of burgers disappointing. Even Winnipeg has got us beat, big-time!

What makes this so sad is that Burger Week used to be the most wonderful time of the year, back when it was run by The Grid and held at the end of May. It would always end with Burger Day, which was either at Wychwood Barns or Fort York, where I’d stuff so many sliders down my piehole I’d practically start mooing. But somebody decided this city wasn’t big enough for two Burger Weeks—and it doesn’t help that The Grid shut down in 2014. So now we’ve just got this one, son.

Of course, I don’t really need an excuse to eat burgers, so you can bet I’ll be shaking hands with beef, Les Claypool style, for the foreseeable future. Keep it locked over here as I eat about half of the Toronto burgers on offer over the next seven days…

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