LE BURGER WEEK: This is one saucy burger, bro!

Hero Certified Burgers on Spadina Road did not know it was Burger Week at all. There was no signage, nothing to indicate the occasion. And when I asked for the Smokey Hero burger by name, they said they didn’t have it. I actually had to read off the list of ingredients for them to punch in individually. Because you could get it at any Hero Burger—I didn’t have to go all the way up to Forest Hill.

smokey_hero_burger (2)

With all that being said, this was still a solid sandwich. Normally, when I go to Hero Burger, I get an 8 oz burger, which is actually two 4 oz patties. But this one is a 6 oz patty, and it’s a lot thicker and tastier. You’ve got a new chew from the Portobello mushrooms, a bit of kick from the smoked white cheddar, and a whole buncha smokiness from the maple chipotle BBQ sauce. If anything, there might have been too much sauce, or it was too runny, anyways—you can see it dripping off the lettuce and all over the place.

smokey_hero_burger (4)


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