LE BURGER WEEK: There’s nothing fishy about this burger!

So, we’re hanging out at Little Fin, this cozy neighbourhood joint on Temperance, just off of Yonge St. They normally specialize in seafood—I’m pretty sure I’ve had their fish ‘n chips before—but this week, they’re going gangsta with a tasty O.G. Burger:


Now, here’s the deal. Sometimes, when you’ve got a great burger, you don’t need to put brie cheese and a pineapple on top. This patty is thick ‘n juicy, cooked to perfection, with a little zest from the herb aioli, a slice of local cheddar cheese, and a few pickled jalapenos, for a little heat, but not too much. And the sweet potato bun is flakalicious, nice texture with the sesame seeds. All this, and you get fresh coleslaw and spicy potato wedges for 14 bucks!? That’s a real-deal meal, bro!


(We’re coming straight down my piehole, son!)

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