Daily Archives: September 7, 2016

LE BURGER WEEK: And on the seventh day, he ate salmon…

So, we’re hanging out at The Fifth Pubhouse, this cozy basement joint at the corner of Duncan and Richmond. This place is literally underground, but its menu is total rockstar. They’ve got Bomb.ca burgers for almost every province in Canada, including this beauty Nova Scotia Salmon Burger:


Duuude, this thing is bigger than Corey Hart! I’d wear my sunglasses at night to eat it…except I wear them all the time, bro! Now, let’s break it down. You’ve got a super-massive piece of salmon, and the fish is cooked perfectly. A nice, simple burger with lettuce, tomato and a soft, flaky bun, with a whole buncha citrus chive mayo spilling out all over the place. And these sides are pretty legit, too—gerkin pickle slices, a tangy carrot coleslaw, and a decent-sized pile of fries.

You know I love my Alberta beef bro, but this might have been the best burger I’ve had all week. I might hafta come here more often!