Parts & Labour Burger, hold the hipsters!

(Originally written July 19, 2014)

The last time I went to Parkdale hipster dive Parts & Labour was a couple years back, when due to a double booking, uber-loud sludge duo The Body ended up sharing the bill with some indie dance rock outfit in their basement concert space.  Suffice to say, The Body went on first, and sent the hipsters scurrying to the nearest vegan art gallery, heh heh.

That said, while I never tried the food, I heard that place made a pretty good burger.  So when it eventually opened a burger-only offshoot not nearly as far West on Queen Street, I figured I’d eventually stop by.  If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good burger…


The P&L’s Philly Burger comes topped with fresh mushrooms, sauteed onions, hot peppers and some good ol’ American cheese sauce.  All that’s missing is the steak, but with this thick, crumbly slab of beef, you don’t really miss it.  They must not use any binders in their burgers, cuz the patty falls apart all over the place, necessitating the use of several napkins…which probably isn’t environmentally conscious.  But paired with a side of thick-cut, juicy fries, it’ll fill ya up for that mid-afternoon drinking session.  (Go Jays Go!)  And the best part?  Not an indie rocker in site!

The P&L Burger, 507 Queen St West.  Open Saturdays 11 am to 11 pm.  Apparently, they deliver, too…

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