Now, it may be the only beer with a big maple leaf on it, but I’m not a really big drinker of Molson Canadian. The only three times I order Canadian are during the Olympics, the World Juniors and when I’m in Quebec, just to fuck with people. (You can’t actually buy Molson Canadian in Quebec.)

Believe it or not, there was actually a time when you’d find a lot of “Molson-only” bars in this city, about 5-6 years ago. But that all changed when craft beer started taking over–so, in honour of Toronto Beer Week, I’m counting down 10 beers I’d chug back before asking a bar for a Molson Canadian.

10. Coors Light


That’s right, I’ve even chug back The Breakfast of Glen Benton before drinking a Molson Canadian.

9. Canuck Pale Ale


This Great Lakes IPA is even more bitter than Vancouver fans after the Canucks choked away the Cup in 2011 and they set the town on fire. Poor, poor Canucks fans…

8. Thornbury Pickup Truck Pilsner


This Canadian craft beer is so country that Dallas Smith, the former frontman of Default who’s now a country singer, should probably have someone write him a song about it. (He’s also from Vancouver, BTW.)

7. Old Style Pilsner

old_style_pilsner (2)

Now that you can buy Pilsner in Ontario, I would shotgun 17 of these before I drank a drop of Molson Canadian. It’s officially my new shitty concert beer of choice.

6. Gopher Beer


This Big Rock beer was so popular that they don’t even brew it anymore. But I would still go back in time and drink it over Molson Canadian.

5. Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale


This one-off bacon brew was so gimmicky, it came in a pink bottle. But it actually tasted pretty good, unlike Molson Canadian.

4. Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA


Not only does it have a bitchin’ lumberjack jacket on the can, but this red IPA also contains 6.3 per cent alcohol. What’s Molson Canadian, like, 3.6%?

3. Brooklyn Pilsner

brooklyn_pilsner (1)

This bottle of beer is 30 seconds away from exploding all over my face…and I’d still drink it before Molson Canadian.

2. Molson Dry

molson_dry (1)

This is what they drink instead of Molson Canadian in Quebec. And it’s still better than Molson Canadian.

1. Steamwhistle


This is my favourite Toronto beer. I would drink it over anything else on this list…

…including Molson Canadian.


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