TORONTO BEER WEEK: Sam Adams in da house!!!

So last night, I was hanging out at For the Love of Beer, this Sam Adams event at 99 Sudbury. Hey, I usually drink Sam Adams when the Jays are beating the Red Sox or the Seahawks are beating the Patriots, and I saw somewhere that they had an open bar, so let’s just say I got my 15-dollar cover charge’s worth within 15 minutes. 😉

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without the hors d’oeuvres, so I certainly stocked up on snacks, son!


I’m all about the bruschetta crostini with olive tapenade, bro!


This chili-glazed shrimp with mango salsa was off the hook!


They glazed this chicken in Sam Adams Boston Lager, then put a buncha pretzels and sour cream dip on top. What could possibly be wrong with that!?


Why choose between chicken and shrimp when you can have both? Or be like me and have seven of each, son!


Now, here in Toronto, the only Sam Adams you’ll find at The Beer Store is the Boston Lager, so I was pretty stoked to try a buncha different kinds. The Octoberfest was pretty solid, but this next beer blew my nose and then it blew my mind:


They call it the Cinder Blonde Gratzer, and it’s pretty great-zer. It’s got a light, crisp taste, with all sorts of smokiness. I have never had a beer this smoky before–it’s like drinking firewood in liquid form, but with even more alcohol, bro!


But the highlight of the night had to be the fish taco stand. Food Dudes was on the scene, serving up beer-battered pescado with guac, pickled cabbage, a little pico and sour cream. I musta slammed six of these, son!


They also had a mac ‘n cheese stand, which was solid, but not mac-tacular. I only had three of these. Now, if they had brought some mac ‘n cheese balls instead, that woulda bin a whole ‘nother ball game…


Yo, Mr. Sam Adams himself was in the building! This dude is so baller, he keeps one beer in his hand, and another one in his hip pocket. Homeboy was America’s first craft brewer back when Diamond Dave was still Hot for Teacher, and he’s still rockin’ the house, son!

Let’s just say, unlike most U.S. brews, Sam Adams is nowhere near water…

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