Under the sea, there’s all you can eat…

So we’re chillaxing to the maxing at Copa by Sea, this funky fresh seafood joint beneath the Copacabana on Adelaide. Now this place has everything, and I mean everything…and it’s all yours for 50 bucks, bro!

This funky local joint takes the Brazilian steakhouse business model of all the meat you can eat and applies it to seafood. You’ve got your shrimp, you’ve got your sushi, you’ve got scallops, sea bass, lobster/shrimp mac & cheese…oh, and they even have steak, too! I could pretty much just park the Camaro outside and eat here every day–if I didn’t hafta pay for parking, dude!


Now, I’m not a major-league oyster eater, but if you put this many in front of my face, I’m gonna have a couple. This suckers slurped down easy with a splash of chili vinaigrette–but I could probably have gone for some hot sriracha, or some tzatziki sauce, or something…


Now, I’ve had some mac-daddy mac ‘n cheese, but this lobster & shrimp mac was legit. You’ve got huge chunks of seafood, bigger than Donald Trump’s ego, in with the creamy mac attack that couldn’t stop me from going back for seconds, son!


Because oysters, mac ‘n cheese and soba-noodle salad go together like peanut butter, ice cream and pulled pork, bro!


On this plate, you’ll find fish two ways. You’ve got The Raw and the Cooked, which just so happens to be my favourite Fine Young Cannibals record!


This was probably the most delicious dish of the night, dude. We’re talking gochujang tuna, a nice, spicy piece of fish that drives me crazy like no one else! (Yeah, I’m still rockin’ out to FYC, son!!!)


This is the famous blackened cod, a dish so decadent you’re only allowed to have four pieces a person. I may or may not have shoved all of these down my piehole… #DrunkOnFish


Of course, when I go out to a restaurant, I’m contractually obligated to eat at least one piece of steak. This parmesan-infused, medium-rare cut was so tasty I didn’t even notice the salad beside it…


But hey, for me, steak is like Lay’s–I can’t eat just one (unless it’s 67 ounces, son)! Speaking of which, Lay’s steak-flavoured chips should totally be a thing. I’d slam down 27 of those, bro!




Still have room for scallops, though… I always have room for scallops, son!


Oh, did I mention there were sweet-potato fries?


Don’t get me wrong, all the fish was delish, but the steak was probably the best part. I almost cried when they didn’t give me a second piece…


And you know I still had room for dessert, bro. The grilled pineapples were a super taste sensation, but the chocolate ‘n caramel-covered bananas were what makes it. I think I ate at least three of these. Dessert was definitely bananas…and bananas are good!

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