How many sushis can you eat? All of them…

So, we’re hanging out at Yonge Sushi, this cozy neighbourhood joint a few blocks north of Lawrence. This place might not be very big, but they’re packing ’em in there for all the sushi you can eat for just 25 bucks, bro! Now, I don’t always eat sushi, but when I do, I make sure to get my money’s worth…so you know this joint is right up my alley!


We kicked things off with some hand-rolled sushi cones. You’ve got crab, spicy salmon, and a BBQ eel/avocado combo that’s totally outta bounds, bro!


Not sure that Bubba Gump ever served up shrimp like this, super fresh and tasty on a bed of rice!


Beef short ribs for the win, bro! I loves me some chewy, tender beef you can eat right off the bone!


Now here’s something you probably haven’t seen before. They call it an onion beef roll, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like–green onions wrapped in teriyaki beef. I could slam seven of these, son!


Now, it’s time for the main event. You’ve got some spicy salmon rolls, black dragon rolls and green dragon rolls. It’s like Dragonball Z in my mouth, bro! The spicy salmon had some crispy tempura bits for that extra crunch, while the green dragon combined shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and green onions, and chucked some more avocado on top. The black dragon was sorta the same thing, but substituting avocado for eel. It was eely, eely good! Let’s zoom in for a close up:


Now, let’s set the dial to funkalicious with some fried chicken cutlet soup!


This dish was super funkalish. You’ve got fried chicken, some ultra-thick noodles, greens, carrots and sprouts in a warm and savoury broth. It’s like chicken noodle soup gone gangsta, son!


What Japanese joint could be complete without some crispy tempura squid? These deep-fried calamari were Captain Cruncherrific! Theyyyyyy’re great!


Sometimes, when you’ve got super-delish fish, you don’t even need rice, bro. Such is the case with this sashimi–a tasty trio of tuna, salmon and clam!


But the sashimi doesn’t stop there, son–we’ve got a whole plateful of white tuna and mackerel heading straight down my piehole!!!


But we’re saving the funkiest for last, friends. Say hello to my little friend, BBQ eel pizza! You’ve got a nice chew from the chicken of the sea-cave, a nice spicy mayo and a super-crispy, deep-fried rice crust. This only comes in one size, which kinda sucks, cuz I could probably polish off an extra-large…


Now, when I heard they had a Philadelphia roll, I was hoping for some Philly cheesesteak, served up sushi-style…but that’s not what this is. Instead, you’ve got salmon, avocado and Philadelphia cream cheese. Just call me angel of the morning, cuz you can really taste the Philly!


Now, you know I still had room for dessert, and since it’s all you can eat, I asked for every kind of ice cream that they had to offer. They were all outta ginger, but still served up some tasty scoops of vanilla, green tea, mango and red bean. I was kinda hoping for some chocolate sauce, or maybe a bit of butterscotch on top, but I guess that wouldn’t be authentic, eh?


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