Kanpai Snack Bar has made me a fan of TFC!

Now, I really don’t watch any soccer, but apparently our local team won last weekend or something? Son, the closest I come to soccer is kickin’ it old-school to some funky fresh beats—and they’ve got all the beats you can kick it to at Kanpai Snack Bar, which is serving up Taiwanese street food with a side of hip hop… These guys are like the Renegades of Funk in the kitchen!

Now, they might be known for their Taiwanese Fried Chicken—and we’ll get to that in a Grandmaster Flash—but this place also has some of the funkiest vegan dishes I’ve even had. Check out this little jam called Taipei Tater Slaw:


This is like Potatoes Gone Wild, bro! You’ve got some thinly slice julienned potatoes tossed in a Szechuan peppercorn dressing for a nice spicy kick. It really goes well with the Cabbage Patch Kids—say what now!?


This funky dish is totally bringing the 80’s back, dude! You’ve got a nice, crispy Brussel sprout salad, with pork belly bacon bits, and all kindsa flavour from the bell peppers to the red-hot chilis, to the sesame soy dressing. Now, I never say this about Brussel sprouts, but I could go for another helping of these!


Of course, then I wouldn’t have room for the Fu Manchu. This deep-fried dish is the King of the Road, bro! Named after my favourite SoCal skater-rock outfit, this funky tofu is crispy on the outside, pillowy on the inside, with a sweet chili sauce on top. This has gotta be one of the top-five tofu dishes I’ve ever had… Wait, I don’t think I’ve ever had five tofu dishes, but this one is definitely gangsta!


Speaking of gangsta, it doesn’t get more gangsta than the O.G. Bao, bro! Super-succulent pork belly with Taiwanese relish, picked cabbage and crushed peanuts, son!


And then we get to the main event. I’m pretty sure I’ve already had the TFC at Taste of Toronto, but this time it came paired with a side of Red Rooster—a funky-fresh spin on fried rice. I probably couldda eaten six or seven pieces…this bird is the word, bro!


But of course, you know I still had room for dessert! They call this Let Your Backbone Slide, and it’s about as funky as it sounds. They take sesame mochi—a Japanese rice cake—deep fry it, and serve it up with a slathering of strawberry jam and crushed peanuts. Probably the most outta-bounds PB&J you’ll ever see, son!

Dude, if they had this kinda food at BMO Field, I might actually go to a soccer game sometime…


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