When medium fried chicken just won’t do the trick…

So we’re hanging out at Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken, this funky Taiwanese chicken shack at Yonge and Gerrard, right across from where The Big Slice used to be. Now, I know I just scarfed down some TFC on Monday, but that was like just a small taste after so many veggies. But at this place, they don’t do small and they don’t do vegetables, either—just some real-deal chicken steak that’s as long as a ruler, dude!


Now, you could go home and eat this with a fork and knife like someone with a teeny wittle appetite, y’know, and save the rest for later…or you could do it like they do in Taiwan and eat it with your hands, son! That’s what the paper bag is for, after all:


Now, the chicken has a nice, thick, crispy breading, with some spicy seasoning salt giving it that extra kick. It’s super-hot, Straight Outta Deep-Fryer, and pretty much explodes in your mouth, dude! The combo comes with a side of uber-crispy fries, and your choice of fruity soda drinks. Cuz real men drink Blue Curacao, son:


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Where do they get boneless chicken breasts this big? Trick question, bro—this chicken ain’t boneless! As my homeboy Gord Downie once told me, watch out for them little bones…


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