This Duck Dynasty burger is cookin’ with peanut oil!

So, we’re hanging out at The Burger Cellar up on Yonge St north of Lawrence. This place is cookin’ up most of the animal kingdom, bro—you’ve got lamb burgers, bison burgers, turkey burgers…and this tribute to my favourite reality TV show, the Duck Dynasty burger:


OK, let’s break it down. What you’ve got here is a thick, juicy, AAA Angus beef patty, with some BBQ duck confit on top. Throw down some melty cheddar cheese, crispy onions and chipotle mayo, and now you’re cookin’ with peanut oil, son! This burger is supposed to come with coleslaw on top, but coleslaw and duck go together like peanut butter and chili oil, so I got ‘em to put some crispy, deep-fried jalapenos on mine instead. I do not regret this decision…


Now, if you’re ordering a Duck Dynasty burger, you gotta have a killer side, like crawfish gumbo, or some deep-fried boudin balls or something. But you can’t get that shit up in Toronto, so I settled for some beer-battered onion rings. Can’t say I’m disappointed—these rings are super-crispy, fried-to-perfection, shut-the-back-door, bro! Next time, I might go for the duck poutine, though…


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