Daily Archives: November 8, 2016

Turkey dinner Texas style—just 15 bones—at Adamson’s, son!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the magical, mystical place that is Adamson’s Barbecue. This legit, real-deal, Texas-style joint is tucked away in an old warehouse in the industrial part of South Leaside, and the lineups are so long they often run outta food before 2 pm. And you could only get it on weekdays…until just recently, when they finally decided to open up shop on Saturday.

So, last weekend, I went down to check it out. I’ve heard they’ve got some righteous ribs and Bomb.ca brisket, but I really wanted to try the smoked turkey. I’ve seen a couple places do turkey in the smoker on Triple D, and I’ve been to a whole buncha BBQ joints here in The Big Smoke—but I had never actually seen this delish dish in the flesh until now:


Now, I gotta say, I’m not normally a really big turkey fan. I’ll have it for Thanksgiving, but I don’t even like leftovers. I mean, I haven’t even tried the hand-carved turkey sandwich at Subway…but I’m pretty sure that Adamson’s checks that sammy hard into the boards, pulls its jersey up over its head, and punches it right in the solar plexus. This bird is super moist and tender, with a nice smoked flavour that you can’t get anywhere else. Shut the back door and buy a ticket, bro!

But of course, that’s not all. This hunka-hunka-burnin’ lunch plate comes with pickles, onions, white bread and a choice of two sides. I got some poppin’ potater salad and a nice crunchy coleslaw, which would probably taste good even on top of a Duck Dynasty burger. And can you believe that all this grub was just 15 bucks!? That’s like a highway robbery in Flavourtown, son!!!!