I think I’m turning Japanese @ Nome Izakya

So, we’re hanging out at Nome Izakaya, this funky Japanese joint up at Yonge & Sheppard. Now, I used to think that Izakaya was the name of a Japanese heavy-metal band, but it turns out that Japanese bands have English names, like Loudness or Corrupted. Instead, this place serves up Sapporo, sushi and some funkalicious Japanese dishes, like these deep-fried octopus balls:


Now, the first time I tried takoyaki, it came on purple rice with a whole buncha funky stuff on top. But these guys do it up nice ‘n simple, serving up a sixer of octo-balls for just $5.50, son! The breading is light and crispy, not too heavy, and there’s a chewy piece of octopus inside. They don’t overdo it with the sauce, either, squirting on some mayo and teriyaki. Pretty sure I could slam 18 of these, but there are other dishes for me to try, so, y’know…


Now, this is like Popcorn Chicken Gone Wild, bro! These Japanese Chicken Poppers have a light, flaky breading, with warm, tender dark meat on the inside and a wasabi mayo on the side. The lemon adds a nice touch, too. You know I squeezed that lemon, son!


Now, I’ve had pizza at a sushi joint before, but I never thought I’d be eating Japanese sliders. These Japa-Burgers are made with sliced ribeye steak, and come with lettuce, tomato, onion and a whole buncha special sauce dripping off all over the place. The server asked me if I wanted three burgers or four…and I was like, how about eight or 10, bro!


Now, you probably don’t even hafta ask at this point, but after eating my Zodiac sign in Japa-burgers and octo-balls, you know I still had some room for dessert, son! And this dish is just as Japanese as apple pie, dude! You’ve got apples, you’ve got cinnamon, you’ve got raspberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side–although you could get taro, green tea, black sesame or extreme mango ice cream instead. I think I might go for the extreme mango next time, bro!

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