Little Sister ain’t livin’ life behind no shadow, bro!

Now, you know there are plenty of tapas joints all over this city. You’ve got Spanish tapas, Japanese tapas…I’ve ever heard of this new place that does Cuban tapas. OK, maybe that one was in Montreal, but have you ever had Indonesian tapas, bro? I didn’t even know that was a thing until I headed up Yonge St. to Little Sister Food Bar. My homie Josh Homme would be all over this place, son!

And I gotta say, they really find another way to serve up some funky takes on tacos, wontons and green beans. Most of these plates are meant for sharing, but some of them can be pretty pricey. Of course, you know when I go out, you betcha I can’t eat just one thing, so I got a couple snacks before diving into the main course. Can you say atjar tjampour?


Now, when I heard they had house pickles, I figured I’d get some baby dills, or maybe some gerkins…but there’s a whole vegetable garden in this jar, dude! You’ve got cucumbers, you’ve got celery, you’ve got cauliflower, carrots and onions marinated in a tangy brine with just a bit of a kick. I haven’t eaten this many veggies since that one time I got locked in a greenhouse and had to chew my way to freedom!


But you know I can’t have any veggies if I don’t eat my meat. These Sumatra spiced beef croquettes were like corn-dogs gone Bali. Super-crunchy texture with warm, chewy beef on the inside… Shut the back door!


And now it’s time for the main event. This babi panggang was like a gangbang in my mouth, bro! You’ve got rich, meaty slabs of roasted pork belly in a fresh chili sauce on a bed of sprouts and pickled beans. Pretty sure I could slam 17 of these—but at almost four bucks a belly ($15.75 per plate), I only got the one order…

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