Jalapenos and cheese sauce and bacon, oh my!

So, we’re hanging out at The Gabardine, this funky neighbourhood joint that’s bringing all the flavours of Main Street right on down to Bay Street. This is not your typical financial district steakhouse, son! This cozy spot only seats about 30, and if you want a seat at lunchtime, you’d better get there early, cuz there’s no… reservations… till dinner! (Dinner!)

And man, you know they’re packing ‘em in for some real-deal, local, sustainable comfort foods, like these Bomb.ca crispy fried grits:


Now, this is definitely one of the most funkalicious dishes I’ve had all year. You’ve got these tater-tot-terrific fried grits swimming in a pool of nacho cheese sauce, with some thinly sliced jalapenos and a whole buncha crispy bacon bits. Shut the back door and lock it, bro! And as you can see, they don’t give you three grits to an order, or a handful, but rather a whole plateful. Some people probably wouldn’t need to eat lunch after pounding back a plate of these, but you know I ain’t just some people, son!

Now, on a sad note, I’ve been mourning the loss of Let’s Be Frank, this funky College St dive next door to the El Mocambo. That place made a mean Nashville hot chicken sammy, and I figured they’d be cookin’ with bacon fat as soon as the renovated joint next door opened for business. But the ElMo is still closed, and now Let’s Be Frank is gone, bro! However, with that being said, I think I found my new Haus of Hot Chicken over at The Gabardine. Check out this unchained melody, righteous bros!


Man, this slammin’ sammy’s got all the right curves in all the right places. The breading is super-crispy, the chicken is juicerrific, the pickles and mayo are on point, and they put the hot sauce on the side, which is actually a pretty good idea. Pretty sure my PFF (Plaid Friend Forever) Johnny Catucci would respect that. Tenemos que comer aqui, papi!

You know what else I like here? They don’t overdo it with the fries. I mean, some places give you enough fries on the side to feed a family of four, but at The Gabardine, it’s just the right amount. Y’know, I probably would still have room for dessert, but they actually don’t do dessert here, so I guess I’ll just hafta head next door to South St. and slam a couple burgers, bro!!!

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